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The Fié Gris Grape (alternatively known as Fié or Fiét elsewhere) is very much an enigma throughout the history of French wine, and is regarded to be the ancestor of the Sauvignon Blanc grape, with some of the oldest vines containing it more than 100 years old. Today it is grown most commonly in small volumes in Touraine, located in the Loire Valley, although it is still very rare, as it can be known to be low-yielding and only certain winemakers are prepared to utilise it.  As a varietal wine, it is comparable to sauvignon blanc in freshness and acidity, but is highly scented and has an additional lushness and complexity.

Our featured wine made from the Fie Gris grape, 'Les Precieuses' (The Precious), is produced by Domaine Bardon, a vineyard from the Loire Valley in Touraine, ran by generations of the Bardon family since the 19th century. The vineyard is located in the St Roch area on the slopes overlooking the small village of Meusnes.

The soil is unique to the area, and in the past provided large quantities of gunflint for munitions and armories. Today, the mixture of clay and flint soils allows Denis Bardon to produce wines true to the character of the area, and the Fie Gris, although not strictly native, is no different! Rich and complex with a long finish, it will seduce you with its deep notes of citrus and honey. When serving, we recommend at least an hours breathing for this wine, decanting if possible. With food, we advise pairing it with white meat or in particular, grilled fish.

The wine is available at £11.80 per bottle, from the following link:

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