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 Royal Worthy Wines - Royal Wedding

Join us whilst we celebrate the Royal Wedding on Saturday 19th May. We will assess some wines worthy for the royals and reminisce back on previous royal weddings.

How Did Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Break Royal Tradition?

The Royal Wedding being on a Saturday is highly untraditional for the Royal Family, as the weddings normally occur during the week.

The rumoured wedding cake is to be a lemon and elderflower sponge cake, which breaks the royal tradition of a fruit cake.

The rumoured drinks to be served are white sparkling wine and Chapel Down wines which could be made from Chardonnay. Our favourite Chardonnay wines are; Bourgogne hautes-Côtes De Nuits, Pouilly Fuissé, and Hauts De Lalande White - All these wines hold great flavours and personality, and will probably complement your celebration meal, as this grape can be quite versatile!


Royal Wedding Drinks Throughout The Years

Champagne has always been a big contender throughout the years of Royal Weddings. 

Although the royals like to stay with English wines, we have found some French alternatives that would have the Royal seal of approval.

At Kate and William's wedding most of the wines were English, with the exception of white Meursault Burgundy and Pomerol claret. The white Meursault Burgundy is made from the Chardonnay grape, and has strong tones and personality. The Meursault wines we recommend from our range are from Domaine Dupont-Fahn, which is made from older vines. Pomerol Claret is a red wine with notes of cherries and blackcurrants. Our range recommendation for this wine is from Chateau Fleur De Jean Gue, and is produced in Lalande de Pomerol. 

At Charles and Diana's wedding, Champagne was mainly served, also resulting in a mass production of memorabilia Champagne being produced for the general public to buy and celebrate with. Champagne is bubbly and rich, and normally has a good balance of acidity and flavour. Our Casters Liebart Champagne is perfect for you to celebrate the Royal Wedding with, because it is has beautiful notes of fruit, and is a nice rounded drink.

 Give a toast to Harry and Meghan with our Champagnes.

Royal-Worthy Wines For You: 


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