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As Christmas is drawing near, we have a few wine suggestions for you, so you can match your wines perfectly with your Christmas dinner and other festive meals.

Our Top Tips For Pairing

For the best wine and food pairings, plan which food you are having on the day and follow our pairing guidelines below. 

Turkey pairs best with Cabernet-Franc or white Burgundy wines because of the structure and flavours typically found in these wines. Avoid heavy red wines, as this will over power your meal.


Chicken pairs best with Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay wines. Avoid heavier wines with this meal, as it could over power the flavours.


Pork pair best with Beaujolais wines and Pomerol wines because of the apple notes and the lighter body typically found in these wines. Avoid heavy reds, such as Cabernet.


Beef pairs best with heavier and more bodied red wines, such as Bordeaux wines. Avoid light red and white wines, as they will be overpowered by the flavours in the meal.


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