Introducing the Fie Gris Grape

We currently have a new wine in stock for fans of Sauvignon Blanc who want to try something special.
Domaine Bardon Les Precieuses from the Touraine appellation in the Loire Valley is made from an unusual and ancient grape variety - fie gris;  believed to be one of the ancestors of sauvignon blanc.
Fie is an ancient white variety from the Loire Valley and is grown only in small volumes in Touraine, where it often called Fie Gris. Some of the oldest vines in the region are more than 100 years old and are intensely flavoured. Only a few of them remain, however, as the variety is low-yielding and hard to grow. Fie is a highly scented grape variety and can produce high-quality wines to rival the best sauvignon blancs, but there are only a handful of growers in the Loire Valley. As a wine, it is comparable to sauvignon blanc in freshness and acidity, but has an additional lushness and complexity. The ancient vines produce only a small amount of fruit each vintage making it rare,  and particularly hard to find on British shores.

Rich and complex, Les Precieuses will seduce you by its deep notes and delightful freshness. We think you'll love this more than your favourite sauvignon blancs, so please do let us know how you find it - we would be very interested to hear your comments on our new addition! Pair with grilled fish or cured meats, and don't overly chill or some of the complex flavours may be lost.
Monsieur Bardon produces red and white wines from the lesser known appellation Valencay,  with an unusual combination of Chardonnay and Sauvignon for the whites. There is also the superb Touraine Domaine St Roch made with 100% Sauvignon.

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