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Tour De France 2018


As the 2018 Tour De France is upcoming,we would like to help you enjoy watching the race with our fun wine pairings. Join us for Pierre Hourlier’s tour of France's wine regions with recommendations from the Champagne region, the Sud Ouest, the Rhône Valley, the Loire Valley, Languedoc­, and Roussillon. Each wine has been handpicked by Pierre and Jean ­Pierre and showcases the region it represents. You can enjoy these long after the Tour has passed through!

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2018 Tour De France Wine Tour


La Roche Yon
La Roche Sur Yon is at stage 11 in the race, consisting of the mountainous area, making this stage is 183 km in total. 
Muscadet Coteaux de Loire, where our producer Domaine des Clerambalts is located, is approximately 90 km away from La Roche Yon. Their Muscadet is the perfect wine to start off your wine tour because it is a light and dry white wine. Domaine Clérambaults is located near Anjou halfway between Angers and Nantes in Loire. 
Domaine Bardon, which is located approximately 200 km from the La Roche Sur Yon checkpoint for the Tour De France, also provides the perfect wines to start your Tour De France Wine Tour! Although the distance from the vineyard to the track seems far, the total race is 3329 km. 
Monsieur Bardon produces mainly white wines from the appellation of Touraine. These producers are known for their unusual combination of Chardonnay and Sauvignon and a Touraine, Les Demoiselles, made with 100% Sauvignon. His newest creation is the 'Fie Gris' called Les Precieuses. Fie Gris is a grape said to be the ancestor of Sauvignon, and produces a fascinating new tasting experience with a distinctly different taste from the classic Sauvignon. Both wines are light on the palate and moderate to low in acidity.

    Domaine Chamfort, Cotes du Rhone, Rhone Valley

Rhone Valley

Valence is part of the 13th stage, which is a flat section of the race, making this stage total 169 km.
The Cotes Du Rhone appellation seems most appropriate for this stage as it is approximately 120 km away from the racetrack, and holds some nice red, medium to full-bodied wines.
Domaine Chamfort Côtes Du Rhône is made up of Grenache Noir and Syrah.  The vineyard was bought by Vasco and Sonia several years ago, and the Domaine continues to produce top quality wines which was the hallmark of the Chamfort family. Their Cotes Du Rhone wine is slightly peppery with notes of clean fruit.
Domaine Sicard, Minervois, Languedoc



The Millau stage is number 15, which is hilly and consists of 181 km.
Cotes De Thongue is a great appellation to drink whilst celebrating this stage in the race, being 100 km away Cotes de Thongue is also an appellation which produces some really interesting wines that also represent excellent value. The wines are a large mixture of mainly red and white wines, with some rose production.
Domaine Coste Rousse, located in the Cotes De Thongue appellation produces some excellent, quality wines. The family Taix, has an array of 11 different grapes- 4 for the whites and 7 for the reds, producing a fascinating range of very well made wines. We have great belief in this totally dedicated family. Considering the array of options with so many grapes available, we think the future is bright.



As Carcassonne is the rest day for the cyclists, we draw to the Minervois for our wine tour. Being located approximately 25 km away from the town center.

Domaine Pierre Cros is the perfect pairing for the Tour De France rest day, because the wines are bold and full of energy. As an ex rugby player, Cros is known for his concentration. Les Aspres regularly wins the coveted three-star award from Guide Hachette, and Pierre also produces a stunning red wine, aptly named 'Tradition'. Some of his vines were planted as far back as 1905, and the results are no less than historic - look out in particular, for his 'Vieilles Vignes', made from the Carignan grape. On top of his classics Monsieur Cros is a experimental wine genius continually pushing the boundaries with a wine making 'savoir faire'. His wines certainly live to the Languedoc motto "where creativity meets diversity".

Also located in the Minervois, is Domaine Sicard, which produces a beautiful fruity red wine. With a vineyard of over 40 hectares, Philippe Sicard, decided to put his families winemaking into commercial use, however only producing a small number of wines. The vineyard is mainly made up of the Carignan grape, which is used to produce his red wines. The red wine we stock is the Sicard red, and it is a fruity, mainly made up of Grenache,  with a true 'raspberry' flavour and taste on the palette.

  Domaine Horgelus, Cotes de Gascogne, Sud Ouest

South West

Trie Sur Baise
The Trie Sur Baise is stage 18, which is a flat section consisting of 172 km. This piece is getting close to the end of the race (with 21 stages in total).
Gaillac wine are best for this stage in the race because the vineyards are located around 170 km away- matching the length of this section! Additionally, these wines are made up of either Fer Servadou, Syrah, Duras,  Muscadelle, or Mauzac which gives the wines nice fruity tones with subtle tannins. These wines are normally medium bodied with nice flavours.
Domaine Barreau, located in the Gallic appellation is over 34 hectares, and the Domaine is known for their serious approach to winemaking, with the Barreau family making top quality wines year after year. White, red and rose wines are produced and obtain awards on a regular basis.


Pau, which shares the 18th stage with Trie Sur Baise is slightly further north west.

The Cotes de Gascogne appellation is ideal for the end of the 18th stage because the wines are heavier than the Gallic wines, and so won't get lost in their flavours. Cotes de Gascogne is also located around 100 km away from Pau, which is about the distance from Pau to Trie Sur Baise by road.

Domaine Horgelus is our favourite producer from this appellation, producing a range of quality red, white and rose wines at good value. The Domain was created in 1978 by Joseph Le Menn. Breton by origin, he was attracted by the charm of the South West, its gastronomy and its art of living. The Domaine is run now by Yoan Le Menn, his son. Yoan is from the young generation of oenologues who know perfectly how to combine modernity and experience.



Paris Champs-Elysées

What better way to celebrate, than with champagne! We have decided to include our Casters Liebart champagne to end our Wine Tour, celebrating the Tour de France. Although Champagne is over 144 km from Paris, we think our champagne is great for celebrating the end of a 23 day and 3329 km race!

The Casters Liebart vineyard is located in the Village of Damery near Epernay on the edge of the river Marne, in the Champagne Region. The vineyard has been managed for 5 generations of winegrowers, with the ethos of maintaining high quality is reflected in their exclusive production of only a few thousand bottles, whilst also sticking to traditional methods passed down from generation to generation.


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