When buying French wines, labels and badges can sometimes appear on the wine bottle to give you different pieces of information on growing practices, the wine producer or whether the wines have been celebrated by winning an award. On each of our online product pages, we have added any associated badges to the wine description to make it easier for our buyers to make informed wine choices.


Badge Meanings:


Vignerons Independant:
This badge indicates that the wine producer is part of the wine making syndicate ‘Vignerons Independant’ (The Independent Wine Producers).

The badge confirms that the wine has been produced by an independent wine producer that has handled every aspect of the wine production- from growing the grapes, harvesting them to making the wine. The syndicate encourages a ‘best practice’ for wine production and is often seen as a mark of quality for many wine buyers seeking wines from smaller, independent wine producers of France.

Concours General Agricole Paris:
This badge indicates that the wine has won a highly sought after award at the prestigious Concours General Agricole Paris annual awards show, organised by the French Ministries of Agriculture, Food, Fisheries and Rural Affairs. The awards are rigorously judged, highly respected and thereby a simple, albeit not exhaustive, way for buyers to select a wine of quality when presented with a sea of wines to choose from.

Award winning wines will have a ‘Concours General Agricole Paris’ badge appearing on the wine bottle identifying that the wine has either won a Gold, Silver or Bronze award.

Agriculture Biologique/Organic:
This label or wording on a wine bottle confirms that the grapes grown to produce the wine have been produced to organic standards. Since 2012, this certification also places restrictions on the wine vinification methods.

These labels or wording on a wine bottle confirms that the wine has been produced to the highest organic standards, prohibiting any use of unnatural chemicals, pesticides or unsustainable viticulture practices.

The wine grower utilities a range of traditional and alternative/holistic production methods to ensure that the ecosystem, terroir and the wines produced are in balance and as naturally produced as possible.

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