All of our wines are imported directly from the vineyards, where they are produced. We pride ourselves in holding close relationships with each of our wine producers, and having our wines imported directly, instead of being held in warehouses or distribution centers. We have creates some infographics to illustrate the processes of winemaking, from the vines to you, for Hourlier Wines in comparison to a typical supermarket.


At Hourlier Wines, we like to create less steps, from the wine being produced to being poured delivered to you. We miss out the Co-Operative bargaining, Exporter or Agent and Distribution to make sure our wines maintain a better quality, without being stored in a warehouse for long periods of time. Our wines are produced on the vineyards and packaged straight to us. The only transportation our wines go through is from the vineyard to us, then to you. The traditional wine trade often include a lot of transport, including to warehouses before and after shipping, which prolongs this process.