Pierre Hourlier Wines

12 Bottle Mixed Case: Dry And Crisp


per case

We have put together a showcase white Dry and Crisp Wine Dozen - Enjoy 4 totally different tried and tested white varietal wines, all individually crafted, very rare and a must try for wine drinkers, tasters and enthusiasts. Perfect to enjoy amongst friends and family.

This case includes:

Fleur De Merienne Sauvignon


3 x Fleur De Merienne Sauvignon

"On the nose, its aromas are exotic fruits and lemon. In the mouth, its fruity is accompanied by a good amplitude and good persistence"

Domaine Laurens Sauvignon Blanc


3 x Domaine Laurens Sauvignon Blanc

"Comme un Dimanche Sous Un Cerisier' - Like a Sunday under a Cherry Tree. Aromas of passion and citrus fruits."

Domaine Barreau Augustin


3 x Domaine Barreau Augustin

"There is a hint of fruit, like green apple and pear over zest of lemon. Round and tangy, it stays sensuous."

Domaine Saint Roche Les Demoiselles


3 x Domaine Saint Roche Les Demoiselles

"Dry with some roundness to finish with. Not much acidity. nice texture - Pleasant lingering taste."