Pierre Hourlier Wines

12 Bottle Mixed Case: Mono-Cepage Single Grape Wine


per case

We have put together a showcase Mono Cepage Dozen. Enjoy 6 totally different tried and tested single grape variety wines, all individually crafted, very rare and a must try for wine drinkers, tasters and enthusiasts. Perfect to enjoy amongst friends and family.

This case includes:

Côtes de Prouilhe: Chateau de Cointes Cabernet 2016


2 x Chateau de Cointes Cabernet

"Soft structure, most pleasant light wine with rich colour."


2 x Domaine Boudau Muscat Sec White 

"Made with Muscat grapes, lemony flavours with a lingering dry after-taste"

Pinot Noir: Joseph Cattin 2017


2 x Joseph Cattin Pinot Noir 

"Clean nose and taste. Light and very pleasant on the palate. best with light meals."

Vin de France: Domaine Sicard Viognier d'Arthur 2017


2 x Domaine Sicard Viognier d'Arthur

"A fresh, mineral, floral and spicy nose with a round and very balanced body. Aromas reminiscent of mackerel with gooseberry and dried fruits. Persistent finish on subtle notes of honey." 

Cahors: Georges Vigouroux Historialis Red 2017


2 x Georges Vigouroux Historialis

"Intense flavours of raspberry and blackberry with soft tannins and a smooth finish."
Côtes de Prouilhe: Chateau de Cointes Grenache 2016


2 x Château de Cointes Grenache 

"Light perfect summer drinking wine or ideal with salads or fish dishes."