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12 Bottle Mixed Case: White Mono-Cepage Taste of Languedoc Roussillon


per case

We have put together a showcase White Languedoc Roussillon, Mono-Cepage Wine Dozen. Enjoy 6 totally different tried and tested, white variety wines, all individually crafted, very rare and a must try for wine drinkers, tasters and enthusiasts. Perfect to enjoy amongst friends and family.

This case includes:

Domaine Villepeyoux Forest Marsanne


2 x Domaine Villepeyroux Forest Marsanne

"The intense nose speaks with aromas of citrus and candied fruit that mingle with finely spicy notes. The palate is full and wide, perfectly balanced by the remarkable acidity of this grape."

Domaine Villepeyroux Forest Chardonnay


2 x Domaine Villepeyroux Forest Chardonnay

"Intense nose, expressing notes of brioche and white fruits. The vivacious and round taste ends on dried fruit aromas, with its slight acidity providing a lingering flavor."

 Domaine Dupont Fahn Chardonnay


2 x Domaine Dupont Fahn Chardonnay

"This wine is smooth and velvety, and made in the South of France between Nimes and Montpellier. "

Domaine Gaujal Picpoul de Pinet


2 x Domaine Gaujal Picpoul de Pinet

"The old vines selection produces a much rounder wine than its younger counterpart which give lemony aromas, raw honey flavors on the palate."

Château Cointes Grenache


2 x Château Cointes Grenache

"Light perfect summer drinking wine or ideal with salads or fish dishes. Brilliant colour, with nice after-taste."

Domaine Boudau Muscat Sec


2 x Domaine Boudau Muscat Sec

"Made with Muscat grapes, lemony flavours with a lingering dry after-taste."