Our Values

Our Values - Pierre Hourlier Wines - Domaine Matray - Domaine Villepeyroux Forest - Chateau Les Bertrands
Domaine Matray, Saint Amour, Beaujolais, Domaine Villepeyroux Forest, Vin de Pays d'Oc, Languedoc and Château Les Bertrands, Côtes de Blaye, Bordeaux (In order from Left to Right).
We want to keep our well established relationships with our winemakers, so we can share our knowledge and passion for their wines. Our strong relationships and French roots allow us to find the best quality wines.
The only differentiation from our range is from Portugal; with links formed with our first supplier, port producer Niepoort over 40 years ago. Through this, we have been able to maintain long-standing and healthy relationships with these suppliers and keep our wine selection diverse and interesting for our customer base.
We promise you personally sourced French wines, from smaller and less well-known vineyards, without any compromise on the quality.
“Great wines are made by great producers with an unrivalled ‘savoir faire’ usually passed down from generation to generation... These people never struggle to sell their wines and when it's gone it’s gone!”