Choose a bottle of the finest French wine from the Hourlier Wines collection and pair it with food to enhance your dining experience. French wine has astounding versatility at the table, offering youthful and vibrant wine to pair with a light lunch and contemplative bottles to pair with the most memorable dinners. Here are our food and wine pairing recommendations.

Chicken Wine Pairing

41 products
Chicken is the most versatile animal protein globally, and it’s consumed in every corner of the earth. With its mild taste and soft...
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Pork Wine Pairing

57 products
When cooked right, pork meat is juicy and fork-tender, and its lean flavour makes it compatible with a wide range of sauces and...
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Beef Wine Pairing

68 products
Beef is, without a doubt, the king of red meat. A fatty, thick steak with an excellent marbling is always a memorable meal....
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Lamb Wine Pairing

18 products
Lamb meat is gamey and intense and as bold as beef or more. Lamb dishes also have a wild, rustic feel that makes...
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Duck Wine Pairing

14 products
  Duck is one of the most wine-compatible birds in our diet. The fatty meat is richer and more flavourful than chicken, and...
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Grilled Meats Wine Pairing

10 products
Whether it’s chicken, pork, sausages, offal, lamb or red meat, grilled meat gains new traits that one must consider when selecting the right...
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Foie Gras Wine Pairing

6 products
Foie gras is one of France’s most cherished delicacies. The unctuous, fatty liver pâté has fans worldwide, and it has proved it can...
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Game Wine Pairing

19 products
Game is prized for its intense meaty flavours, and when the meat is tenderised by grilling or slow cooking, it’s one of life’s...
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Fish Wine Pairing

46 products
There are plenty of fish in the sea, and they have different flavour profiles. They all have in common a sea-scented, mild taste...
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Shellfish And Seafood Wine Pairing

28 products
Just like a squirt of lemon juice of a dash of vinegar elevates oysters, mussels and shrimp, wine lends its acidity to seafood...
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Spicy Dishes Wine Pairing

10 products
Hot peppers are a great way to spice up your meals. Mildly spicy of fiery, there’s no denying spicy dishes are thrilling to...
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Creamy or Sauced Dishes Wine Pairing

4 products
  Creamy sauces, from Bechamel to Alfredo, are a guarantee of a satisfying meal. There’s no doubt heavy cream, cheese, egg yolks and...
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Cheese Wine Pairing

78 products
The realm of cheese is as vast as the world of wine; there are dozens of styles from all around the world, and,...
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Salads And Light Dishes Wine Pairing

23 products
We can also pair lunch and starters with food. Actually, finding the right wine for light meals and salads is easier than choosing...
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Desserts Wine Pairing

11 products
There’s nothing like ending dinner with a sweet note, and that’s where desserts, cakes, tarts and other sweets come in. Dessert is not...
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