The Chardonnay grape is famous for being a green skinned grape variety, which is believed to have originated in Burgundy. However, Chardonnay is now produced globally, being the most planted wine in the world. The vine is easy to grow and susceptible to different soils or wine producing methods.

However, the delicate grape skin means the produce from the vines can easily tear or get damaged, so a lot of care is required to produce chardonnay. There are two types of Chardonnay, which is based on the production of the wines, not the grape. The varieties are oaked (buttery) and unoaked. However, due to the nature of the grape, chardonnay wines are commonly full-bodied, hold a medium to low acidity, and hold flavours of citrus or tropical fruits. The Chardonnay grape is known for pairing best with herbed fish or soft cheeses.