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Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is probably the wine worlds most revered and adored grape - A red wine grape that is particularly difficult to perfect, Pinot Noir takes time and dedication to rear its true potential flavours. Such is the scale of different flavours between different vineyards that the grape can vary from watery to the rich and most coveted perfumed flavours found in any wine.  

It gets it name from the shape of its bunches which are said to resemble a pine cone, therefore the name Pinot (french for Pine). The Pinot Noir grape is primarily used in the production of red wines, but it is also used in the production of sparkling white wines. It is paired with other grapes such as the Pinot Meunier for champagne, and has wonderful fruit essences such as strawberries and cherries, ranging in strength depending on the area and type of soil it is grown in. The grape produces some of the most complex tasting wines of the wine world, and with its depth of flavour and rich character the Pinot Noir is a grape that will remain ever popular throughout the globe.