Alsace Wine

The Alsace Wine Region Map Alsace is unique within the French Wine Regions due to the German influences, which play an equal role in sculpting the area's language, traditions - and even its wines. It is also the only region of France that sells its wine according to the name of the grape variety. Wine growing is a top priority here, and the region produces fine aromatic white wines.

Alsace is also one of France's northernmost wine producing areas, and it stretches over 140 kilometres from the north to the south. Many of its slopes face east, benefiting from plenty of sunlight, as well as a very special variety of ‘Terroir' made from granite, limestone, clay, loam and volcanic soils. Alsace shares the river Rhine with Germany as a common border. Its summers are hot and sunny - and it is the driest region in France after the Roussillon in the south.