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Chateau de Bonhoste

Chateau De Bonhoste

Located in Saint-Émilion, Bordeaux Chateau de Bonhoste is operated and owned by Sylvaine and Yannick Fournier. Here’s a family possessing two vineyards - one in Bordeaux on the edge of the Entre-deux-Mers and the other in Bergerac. Spanning across 44 hectares for the Bonhoste vineyard, and 22 hectares for their Moulière vineyard. The business formed in 1895, when the Buissiere family created Château de Bonhoste. In 1977, Bernard Fournier, grandson of Mrs Bussiere brought together the two vineyards, Bonhoste and Mouilere. We particularly recommend the red and white versions of Chateau de Bonhoste from the Bordeaux vineyard. Both wines command excellent value.