Fronton: Domaine Roumagnac Authentique 2021
Tasting Notes The colour is brilliant with ruby hues and purple hints. Intense expression with fresh gooseberry and blackcurrant delightfully accented by liquorice notes.  The berries give way to spices and further liquorice, reinforcing the flavours and highlighting Négrette’s strength....
Fronton: Domaine Roumagnac O Grand R 2021
Tasting Notes From selected plots; the oldest vines of the estate. Arising from a combination of the emblematic Négrette with aromas of red fruit and liquorice, and Cabernet Sauvignon which provides balance and structure.Intense nose. Seductive with a smooth body,...
Fronton: Domaine Roumagnac Rendez Vous 2016
Tasting Notes The colour is very intense with red black cherry hues, and the jammy blackcurrant aromas exhibit the remarkable natural richness of the grapes. A great freshness, and a vegetal hint.  The Negrette releases powerful black fruit and spice aromas,...
Fronton: Domaine Roumagnac Finca 2020
Fronton: Domaine Roumagnac Finca 2020
Tasting Notes A nose of sweet and subtly peppery spices, beautiful notes of blackberry and blackcurrant. The tannins are coated, silky and velvety. "In Spanish 'the Finca' means the domain, the property. Through this signature cuvee, I wanted to honour my Andalusian origins." -...
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