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Meursault is a town situated in the Cotes du Beaunes wine growing region of Burgundy. Its is a very popular and famous wine made from Chardonnay, however other grape varieties do contribute. Meursault has no Grand Crus but does have some exceptional Premier Cru which are considered to be worthy of Grand Cru status. The Meursault taste is a full textured, buttery and rich yet elegant Chardonnay that is aged and complimented with oak.

The best Meursault wines are not too overpowering, are well balanced and best appreciated with at least 10 years ageing behind them. Domaine Dupont-Fahn produces a Meursault wine made from older vines. The vineyard has been taken over by the son Raymond whilst the father Michel has moved from Meursault to near Montpelier to create a Chardonnay Vins de Pays in exactly the same way he once did in the Meursault village.