Pierre Hourlier Wines

Monthelie Premier Cru

In the Cotes du Beaunes wine region of Burgundy, you may stumble across the charming hamlet of Monthelie, adjacent to Volnay. Again this small area of production contains no Grand Cru vineyards but boasts a number of Premier Cru wines that taste just as competitively. The wines that Monthelie craft are able to age well due to its tannins that give it incredible structure. The majority of the wine productions is red however there is about a 10% production of white.

They have pronounced bouquets of violets, cherries and strawberries, which create synergy with foods such as game, poultry and a variety of cheeses. Domaine Dupont-Fahn produce a fantastic Monthelie of 100% Pinot Noir, that will showcase the best features of a Burgundian red without carrying the usual associated price tag.