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The Prunelard Noir Grape

The Prunelard Noir grape (alternatively known as Prunelart or 'Red-stemmed Cot') is a forgotten father to today's popular Malbec, and can be very easily mistaken for it. Preserved in the 20th century after nearly being destroyed by disease in the 19th, Prunelard is used primarily in the Gaillac region of South West France, where it is making a comeback to help produce wines of true character and quality.

However, it is still very rarely used as it is known to be potentially low-yielding, and thus few winemakers are willing to plant it. The name 'Prunelard' comes from the french translation of Prune; 'Plum', because of the distinctive aromas of plums the wine produced out of Prunelard gives. On the palate they are typically similar to a Malbec, although they possess a greater complexity.