Set in the heartlands of the Loire, Saumur wine is grown where a continental climate meets a maritime climate. This results in a warmer, damper winter leading to an early, hotter spring which is perfect for growing all varieties of grapes that are used in the production of their Saumur wine which is made as red, white and rosé in equal proportions. The most interesting feature found in this region is the use of the natural surroundings and materials, by carving out their premises into the face of the local tuffeau, a chalk like stone, that offer ideal maturation conditions for their regions established sparkling wine industry.

Whilst small quantities of reds are made, it is for their sparkling white and rosé wines using Chenin Blanc and Cabernet Franc grapes respectively that the Saumur wine region is famous for. From Chenin Blanc, known locally as Pineau de la Loire, wines of varying sweetness can be produced due to a versatile harvesting period and, from the natural acidity of this grape, can be aged and preserved for many years to develop taste, as is the case with our sparkling Clos de l'Abbaye.