Pierre Hourlier Wines


Found right in the centre of the Loire Valley, 140 miles equidistant from the Atlantic coast and the Massif Central, the Touraine wine region is one of the Loire's largest appellations extending over 5,300 hectares of vineyard and engulfing 70 of the local communes. Granted the areas of active production are scattered and far flung yet this does not affect the collaborative effect in creating some fantastic wines in a region that has become known as “the garden of France” because of the mild climate perfect for vegetal growth.

As a result of the regions size and climate Touraine wine does not need to focus on a single style, instead enjoying the ability to produce a vast range from light, fruity reds to zingy, dry whites through sweet, mouthwatering desert wines and sparkling versions of all in between. Home to some of the Loire's grandest Chateaux and beautiful surrounding landscapes make the Touraine wine region a perfect place for touring, harmonising french culture and scenery in one gratifying experience.