• The Grapes of the French Sud-Ouest

    The Grapes of the French Sud-Ouest

    Southwest France is one of the most underrated wine regions in the country. Still, the region’s wine has never seen a better quality, and they have a rich history and tradition. There’s no doubt the sudoest’s popularity will continue to increase, as wine lovers worldwide look for new, exciting terroir, lesser-known varietals and small, family-owned producers. Both inexperienced wine lovers and seasoned connoisseurs find endless...
  • Provence Wine - Buying Guide

    Provence Wine - Buying Guide

    Historically the region has inspired poets, writers and artists. This muse like quality has continued to this day, attracting an increasing number of celebrities keen to put their mark on the wine world. With or without celebrity involvement, the Provence wine region has a variety of exciting producers and the region is a fantastic place to discover through its wine, food and its stunning,...
  • Rhone Wine - Buying Guide

    Rhone Wine - Buying Guide

    History and Production of Rhône Wine The Rhône Valley is home to some of the oldest vineyards in the world with evidence of wine production dating back to the 4th Century BC Greek occupation. Thereafter, the Romans took occupation and their wine making thrived from the 1st Century AD. Archaeological finds, such as earthenware jars and geographical sculpting, have shown that Rhône wines are...
  • South West Wine - Buying Guide

    South West Wine - Buying Guide

    For deep cultural, gastronomic and vinous roots, there's no place like South West France. The Ancient Romans founded the first vineyards in the region's rolling hills freshened by the rivers flowing down the Pyrenees Mountains, bordering Spain, to join Bordeaux tributary rivers...
  • The Ultimate Guide to French Wine

    The Ultimate Guide to French Wine

    The Ultimate Guide to French Wine From grape to bottle, all the major French wine regions explained. French wine is without a doubt the most respected and coveted drink on the planet. Vinous traditions go deep in France, and every bottle is a testament to the country’s impressive reputation. Still, French wine might be too much to handle for the inexperienced. There are hundreds...
  • Loire Wine - Buyers Guide

    Loire Wine - Buyers Guide

    The Loire is France’s longest river — almost 400 km running from the Massif Central, situated in the centre of France, to the west towards the Atlantic. The Loire wine region mainly produces white wines.
  • Languedoc-Roussillon Wine - Buyers Guide

    Languedoc-Roussillon Wine - Buyers Guide

    With over 750,000 acres of vineyards, the appellations of the region are famous for their diversity and creativity which is admirably reflected in their wines.
  • Burgundy Wine - Buying Guide

    Burgundy Wine - Buying Guide

    Burgundy with its many vineyards, villages and appellation systems, split among numerous land owners and wine growers, provides a complicated region to grasp.
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