• Pairing French wines with Dinner and Snacks

    Pairing French wines with Dinner and Snacks

    French wines are some of the most delicate and incredible wines that you will ever experience. To truly appreciate a fantastic wine, you need it to be accompanied by the correct foods. Whether you are looking to enjoy an elaborate dinner or an indulgent late night snack, there is a French wine to go with everything. Today, we will be taking a look at...
  • Beef: Wine Pairings

    Beef: Wine Pairings

    Beef and wine are known to make quite a good pair, however, if this is not done correctly, can go wrong easily. Beef is known to go with red wines, but different regions of wine best suit different cuts of beef, for example, the Bordeaux region of wine best suits roast beef because it tends to be full-bodied and dry.
  • Sushi: Wine Pairings

    Sushi: Wine Pairings

    Sushi is very difficult to pair with wines, because it is from the cuisine of a grain based culture, which typically pairs best with beers. However, wines can pair beautifully with sushi, if done correctly- so, we have paired sushi with some of our French wines, in order for you can get the most out of your meals.
  • Salmon: Wine Pairings

    Salmon: Wine Pairings

    Due to salmon's rich nature, of normally being served with a cream or butter sauce, salmon is best served with a medium to full bodied wine to help balance the flavours. Plain salmon Sauvignon blanc from Loire Valley or a fine white Burgundy or a Chardonnay from Burgundy are the best wines to pair with plain salmon.
  • Bouillabaisse: Wine Pairings

    Bouillabaisse: Wine Pairings

    Wine pairings can often be confusing, so we have put together information with some features in wine pairing for Bouillabaisse, helping you next time you're wanting to enjoy this traditional dish. Bouillabaisse, which originated in Marseille, Provence and is a famous French cuisine, which is made up of fish in a stew. The name originated from the local term 'bolhabaissa' which is two verbs 'bolh' (to boil) and 'abaissa'...
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