What Temperature To Serve Your White Wine

Firstly, the ideal temperature for enjoying white wines is personal to your taste - though contrary to many opinions, most white wines should NOT be drunk below 10ºC - i.e. not from an ice bucket or straight from your fridge - that's because the colder you drink a white wine, the more you hinder the bouquet and the flavours of your wine.

Please note:

  • Not all white wines are designed for you to enjoy the aromas and flavours, so if bottle instructions tell you to serve at a lower temperature, then you should probably do so to avoid disappointment.

  • It's easy to disguise a wine with disappointing aromas and flavours by over-chilling it - please take care when refrigerating. 

  • For experimentation, try serving your white wine a little warmer than usual at around 12ºC - you might discover some surprisingly rewarding results! (Exceptions to the above are Dessert, Champagne and Sparkling Wines -they will taste better at below 10ºC).


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