Pierre Hourlier Wines


The appellation of Anjou is located in the Loire Valley in France, where over 2000 hectares are used for wine growing, with over 125 communes. This appellation has been influenced by viniculture for over 1000 years and is still known for the fruity notes in their wines.

Red wines are mainly produced in the area, with the main grape varieties being Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pineau d’Aunis, and Gamay. Although white wine production is not as popular in the Anjou area, the main grape in all white production is Chenin Blanc.

The grapes grown in this area are normally a pale yellow for the white wines or ruby red for the red wines, which are medium bodied and hold fruity tones. The best food pairings for this appellation include stuffed mushrooms or peppers for the reds, grilled fish for the whites, and the sparkling wines are best served as appetisers.