Bandol Wine Region The Bandol wine appellation owes much of it’s varied grape production to mesoclimate originally used in Mediterranean influences and low surrounding mountain ranges. Bandol wine boasts the longest growing cycle in France and is one of few that can produce a fully ripened Mourvedre harvest. This is represented in the region’s unique appellation, stating all red wines must be made using a minimum 50% of Mourvedre, which can then be blended with any combination of Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault and Carignan.

Although Bandol wine has a history steeped in tradition, it has remained the least known of the five “noble wine” regions in France and Italy. Personally we believe this to be due to the growing tourist influence, creating a demand for the rosés of Bandol (becoming the majority of produced wines). There are some fantastic rosé wines available, but it is amongst the red wines that true brilliance is to be found. Bandol wines are thought to be recognised through its depth and character, often being considered as overpowering with the potential to develop into round and supple wines once aged.