Pierre Hourlier Wines

Cotes de Thongue

Cotes de Thongue is situated in the central-northern central area in the Languedoc between Pezenas and Beziers. There are 14 villages that make up the appellation. This sun-drenched region benefits from a Mediterranean climate that receives lots of sun whilst being close to the Mediterranean sea itself. The sea did once occupy the region, as today the soils have many marine fossils that can easily be found amongst its vines.

This not so well known region is a great example of the emergence of Languedoc-Roussillon as a whole. There is no doubt that with the decline of the Cooperatives coupled with the emergence of the independent producers it has been put firmly on the map. The Cotes de Thongue region is starting to shine and demonstrate its full potential.

The wines produced in Cotes de Thongue can be made from a variety of grapes, as the region is classed as Vin de Pays, allowing a certain level of freedom in wine production. This region as a result produces some really interesting wines that also represent excellent value. As with all wine producing regions the true test of quality and a fine wine is that of the producer and not always that of a well known name that sometime automatically command a certain price.