In the south-west of the Languedoc lies the scenic wine region of Malepere, situated just south of Carcassonne. Gaining official AOC status in 2007, this area is stretched across 204 ha, producing over 8000 hl of wine annually. The name Malepere has developed from Mauvais Pierre meaning 'bad stone', however the wine producing region is very unknown despite its proximity to the cité of Carcassonne which attracts numerous tourists per year.

What makes Malepere unique is that it sits on the westerly part of the Languedoc, where the climate benefits from both Mediterranean and an Atlantic influence. This gives Malepere the ability to successfully cultivate many types of grapes that thrive on both climates. The wines are very much undiscovered but offer an unparalleled exclusivity because of the many combinations they can be produced from. Malepere produces red wines and rose only.