Riversaltes Wine Village Location

Rivesaltes, based north of Perpignan, is a town in the central part of the Roussillon region of France famous for its fortified wines of which it produces over 90% for France. The two main productions are red Rivesaltes wine, made from Grenache Noir, and Muscat de Rivesaltes, made from Muscat. Red Rivesaltes wine is produced in the Roussillon region, famous for its VDNs (Vin Doux Naturels) which is the French answer to Port. The process is very similar to Port making where grape spirit is added to the wine in order to prematurely halt fermentation.

Although a red dessert wine is not so well-known, it is a fantastic accompaniment to desserts particularly chocolate and enjoyed by cigar enthusiasts. It has an incredible ability to age well which defines a rich, viscous finish throughout. Aside from the VDNs, Rivesaltes wine has the up-and-coming IGP Cotes Catalanes which consists of whites and roses. In more recent times Rivesaltes wine has been paired and promoted to go well with oriental foods where the sweetness of these wines can contrast well with spicy dishes.