Map of Loire Showing Vouvray Appellation Having a rich culture and over 2000 years of experience in the arts of white production, the Vouvray wine appellation has become one of the most respected and yet puzzling of the Loire areas. Granted AOC status in 1936, the appellation covers only the town's white wines, seemingly a small bracket for production, however within this they manage to make a huge variation of Vouvray wine available. Ranging in sweetness from Sec and everything in between up to Moelleux and on top of that producing sparkling wines of two different types, divided into Petillant and Mousseux.

Incredibly, this vast array of Vouvray wine is produced using only the local Pineau de la Loire, or Chenin Blanc to you and I. Another recognisable aspect of wine produced in this region it its aging ability, due the acidity of the Chenin Blanc. So where the sweetness and type of wine made is dependant on the vintage and weather conditions you will always have the option to enjoy it young or be able to keep it a good length of time and know it will develop and be just as satisfying.