Salmon: Wine Pairings

Due to salmon's rich nature, of normally being served with a cream or butter sauce, salmon is best served with a medium to full bodied wine to help balance the flavours.



Plain Salmon

Sauvignon blanc from Loire Valley, a fine white Burgundy or a Chardonnay from Burgundy are the best wines to pair with plain salmon because the wine helps compliment this with flavour, without overpowering this.




Grilled Salmon

The best wines suited for grilled salmon is typically Pinot Gris or wines that contain the Gamay grape (normally wines from Beaujolais). Due to the tougher texture of the salmon, the wines selected help to ease and compliment the salmon. 


  Smoked Salmon

Smoked salmon pairs best with lighter, more delicate wines because of the delicate nature of the fish. Smoked salmon is normally served with creamy or buttery sauces or cheeses, so requires a lighter body to keep this enjoyable. 



    Raw Salmon

    Raw salmon is normally served as sushi and pairs best with a dry rose to add a slightly fruity touch to your meal. See Sushi Pairings Article for more information.



    Fish pies with salmon

    Chardonnay pairs well with fish pies that feature salmon because this wine is versatile and pairs well with multiple different fish dishes without over powering their delicate tastes.


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