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Sushi is very difficult to pair with wines, because it is from the cuisine of a grain based culture, which typically pairs best with beers. However, wines can pair beautifully with sushi, if done correctly- so, we have paired sushi with some of our French wines, in order for you to get the most out of your meals.

History Of Sushi: 

Sushi originated from South Asia, but more commonly, Japan in around the 8th Century, which was used to preserve the fish in fermented rice. 'Sushi' does not necessarily refer to the raw fish, but the vinegaring of the rice with various additions, linking back to its original purpose of preservation. 
Sushi took off as a popular dish in the 1970s when Japanese businessmen set up sushi bars in America, the first outside of Japan being in Hollywood. 

Sushi And Wine: 

The best wine pairings for sushi are wines that are not too overpowering, but hold enough flavour to complement the fish. Pinot Blanc or Pouilly Fuissé are best recommended because they are crisp, dry, and palate-cleansing. Sparkling wine is also thought to pair beautifully with sushi because of its refreshing nature, which can also add some fizz to your meal. 
Burgundy wine can prove a nice, elegant pairing with sushi, because of the personality and richness, without the overpowering ability. The high acidity and fruitiness help to balance the wine and sushi well, particularly with oily fish like salmon or tuna.  

Wine Suggestions For You: 


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