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Domaine Villepeyroux Forest: What's The Story?

by PHW 05 Jul 2022


Located between moors and pine forests, in the very heart of the Minervois in Languedoc, just a few kilometres from the medieval city of Carcassonne, the Domaine Villepeyroux Forest estate boasts 40 hectares of vines planted on half slopes of clay-limestone soil and grows about a dozen grape varieties.  The most widely grown varieties for this vineyard are Cinsault, Grenache NoirChardonnay, Syrah and MarselanTheir grapes are picked on maturity which helps to retain all their aromas and fruits. To preserve their wealth, the wines from their cellars do not get filtered.                

Domaine Villepeyroux Forest is ran by father Henri Forest, his daughter Stephanie Forest Riffaud and her husband. The family business focuses on the authenticity of the land, with the wine made from the best plots on the estate, and left unfiltered to guarantee quality, priding themselves in the authenticity of their soil. They also believe drinking wine is about having fun and enjoying the wines. As the photo below shows, the Forest family are passionate about their winemaking. Through the fining stage of winemaking, Domaine Villepeyroux Forest thoroughly quality check their production. 

Domaine Villepeyroux Forest Whats The Story

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