Cremant de Bordeaux

Add sparkle to life with Cremant de Bordeaux

Crémant de Bordeaux is the most significant and popular sparkling wine production for the white and rose wines of Bordeaux in the southern western France. It has been producing wines for over 100 years and is the regional appellation for white and rosé sparkling wines. Bordeaux is a large geographical area covered under wine production with several varieties of grapes that are grown in the region. Cremant de Bordeaux wines are popular for the tight, persistent effervescence and a complex but delightful aroma. The production standards and bottling process is regulated under strict rules. The wines are made using the champagne production method.
All the wines are perfect sparklers that come with the quality of the Bordeaux region. The wines are produced using traditional methods of harvesting the grapes by hand and then transported in small baskets for production. The wine is subjected to a special and obligatory registry, blind tasted twice, and then twice fermented to get the final and perfect sparkling bubbles! Wines from the appellation of Cremant de Bordeaux are the only wines in Bordeaux that are allowed to be produced as sparkling wines. The region produces around 9000 hectoliters of sparking white and 2000 hectoliters of rose’ every year. Cremant de Bordeaux wines have a distinct well built mouth and offer a nice balance between acidity and fused aromatic complexity. Semillon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot are the three most significant varieties.
A good bottle of wine can make up for the perfect meal time, before and after. Whether you are picky and choosy about your wines are open to new experiments and flavors, try the Cremant de Bordeaux wines for an unmatched burst of flavors and sparkle. A very popular dessert time wine, it can also be had as an aperitif or with light meals. The colours, flavors and aromas are absolutely delectable. The quality and mark of Bordeaux is an assurance of great taste and production. The white and the rose’ sparkling wines are equally perfect.
Pick up a bottle, or more, of the Cremant de Bordeaux wines and add fun and flavor to life! it’s the perfect wine for any season and also a great gift for friends and family. If you have already had the wines you know what we are talking about, but if you haven’t, you are missing out on something unique and special!
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