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Wine Glasses: Getting The Most Out Of Your Wine

by Pierre Hourlier 18 Mar 2020

We cannot stress enough the importance of using the appropriate glassware in order to help you get the most out of your wine. By not doing so you could be missing out.
Using a well designed wine glass, you will find that you will only benefit, by achieving a whole experience.

In short - you will find that your aromas and tastes will be enhanced!  
Similar to decanting, some wine glasses aide the aeration of wine. This can completely transform the flavours and express some of the locked up and hidden subtle notes, especially with younger wines.
A fun thing to do... 

If you are hosting a party or next time you are having a bottle amongst friends or family try this next time... pour your wine or bubbles into different types of wine glasses. Do a nose, taste and sight comparison.... you will quickly understand the importance for yourself. 

Don’t forget to decant your wine before drinking to unlock its full potential. Decanting is the traditional method of allowing wine to breathe so that the full aroma and flavours of the wine can be released. A sceptical friend recently blind tested two glasses of the same red, one which had been decanted, and one which had not. Unsurprisingly to us, he could notice a clear difference between the two and preferred the decanted option despite not being convinced of the reasons for decanting before the test!


There are now wine glasses on the market which use modern technology to create a decanter effect within the glass itself. Open Up wine tasting glasses like these by Chef and Sommelier are fast becoming the replacement for the traditional wine tasting glass. The Open Up glassware is uniquely designed to allow your wines to be poured into a maximum surface area due to their bowl shape. The wine glasses act like a mini decanter, allowing your wine to breathe thoroughly and opening up the full potential of the flavours of the wine, improving nose, taste and appearance.
The Chef and Sommelier glasses are also angled and shaped to direct the aromas of your wines to the centre and top of your glass. By pouring your wine in to the maximum surface level you can freely agitate and swirl your wines without having any unpleasant spills, due to clever shaping of the glass. This action helps your wines to react with oxygen and improves wine flavours and tastes.


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