Alsace Grand Cru

Alsace Grand Cru Alsace Grand Cru wines are designated, quality related wines that represent the different aspects of Alsace's 51 varied terroirs. Wine production in the Alsace region is under strict scrutiny, and to comply for a Grand Cru standard, vineyards must have specific geographical and climatic conditions. The only grape varieties that may attain a Grand Cru status are Riesling, Muscat, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris. The regions Grand Cru wines are the more sought after wines grown in and around the Haut Rhin region, which include a number of small towns and villages surrounding the picturesque city of Colmar.

What makes this particular area great for the wines is that it sits parallel to the Les Vosges mountain range, where the peaks reach their highest points. This causes minimal rainfall throughout the Grand Cru areas allowing the grapes to develop to full maturity and take on the true characteristics of their terroir. The region is in fact the second driest wine producing region in France, despite its latitude. The Alsace grand cru wines have more depth and substance compared to the same grapes in neighboring areas. Having said this the true quality of a wine generally is not always a location factor but the producers hard work and savoir-faire.