Alsace Grand Cru: Joseph Cattin Riesling Hatschbourg 2020
Tasting Notes Deep and complex, with fascinating lingering flavours. Try it with pork dishes. Wine Info   Region  Alsace   Appellation  Alsace Grand Cru Style  White   Producer  Joseph Cattin   Grapes  100% Riesling   Pairing   Seafood  Pork   Keeping  Drink within 5...
Alsace Grand Cru: Joseph Cattin Gewurztraminer Hatschbourg 2021
Tasting Notes Intense flavour with great depth and length. Try it with spicy dishes or foie gras. Wine Info Region Alsace Appellation Alsace Grand Cru Style White Producer Joseph Cattin Grapes 100% Gewurztraminer Pairing  Foie Gras  Spicy Dishes Keeping Drink within 10...
Pinot Gris Grand Cru: Jean Claude Gueth Goldert 2015
Tasting Notes Complex and sweet. Elegant wine, rich and structured. Very elegant aperitif, serve at 10C. Wine Info Region Alsace Appellation Alsace Pinot Gris Style White Producer Domaine Gueth Grapes 100% Pinot Gris Pairing  Spicy Dishes  Dessert Keeping Drink within 10 to 20...
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