Pierre Hourlier Wines

Biodynamic Wine

Biodynamic wines are wines that have naturally grown in a self sufficient ecosystem, which has had no aid from chemicals or other additions, such as yeast.

The process of biodynamic farming occurs mainly before the wine is produced and all the tasks involving the plant are carried out based on a 'biodynamic calendar' which consisted of four seasons; fruit days (best for harvesting), root days (best for pruning), flower days (best for the plant to be left alone during this time) and leaf days (best for watering). Through this process, the planting process fits with the earth and its movements, so the best outcomes appear naturally.

Natural wines, in comparison, normally follow biodynamic farming but do not always follow the biodynamic calendar. However, this process is not as required as organic farming in natural wines. Very few wines are considered biodynamic because of the demand to produce large amounts of wine quickly. However, we have sought out some biodynamic wines for you to try.