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Marcillac Wine

Marcillac Wine Map & Region

The Marcillac wine region was Granted AOC status in 1990, a relatively unknown appellation, Marcillac's few producers have largely been practising since the 6th century.

Originally, their wine-growing activities initially started to meet the needs of the local population, who varied from clergymen to agricultural workers. Today the influx of a gradual growth in tourism has enabled the regions to now thrive in its offerings. The good news is that Marcilliac like much of the south west still remain very much "un vin a decouvrir"! 

The grape to watch out in these wines has a few names but is more commonly known as "Fer or Mansois" or again for more complications "Fer Servadou or Pinenc". These are basically all the same. A must try for all regular wine enthusiasts looking to try something new and exciting.