Groix et Nature: Breton Saffron Langoustine Rillettes
Tasting Notes Discover this tasty and rich Langoustine recipe cooked with a hint of Bio Breton Saffron.This exceptional spice certified organic farming is grown and harvested by hand in Finistère.Find the finesse and refined taste of langoustine combined with the...
Groix et Nature: Bretonne Scallop Rillettes
Tasting Notes Discover this recipe for Scallops cooked à la Bretonne, the most appreciated by gourmets! Rich in delicate and melting fibers, these rillettes reveal all the flavours of scallops cooked with butter, shallots and parsley. A real treat! Producer: Groix...
Groix et Nature: Mackerel Rillettes with Sichuan Pepper
Tasting Notes Discover the generous texture of mackerel combined with the aromatic strength of Sichuan pepper. You will appreciate their woody and slightly lemony notes on the palate. A real invitation to travel on the paths of the Compagnie des...
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