Beef: Wine Pairings

Beef Wine Pairing


Beef and wine are known to make quite a good pair, however, if this is not done correctly, can go wrong easily. Beef is known to go with red wines, but different regions of wine best suit different cuts of beef, for example, the Bordeaux region of wine best suits roast beef because it tends to be full-bodied and dry. We have put together the best wine pairings for different cuts of meat- so you don’t have to!     


The steak is normally from the rib, rump, chuck or the loin of the cow, which makes the meat tender and well flavoured. Wine pairings can be difficult because the steak can be from many different cuts. It is, however, always recommended to stick to red wines with steak, because of the flavours carried in red wines.
Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon are recommended to pair best with steaks because of their slightly fruity tones and full body. These wines also have nice tannins and acidity, which help complement this meat.

Roast Beef

Roast beef is generally from the sirloin, top rump and fillet cuts of meat, which is tender and often flavourful.

Merlot is best recommended for roast beef because of the richness and full-bodied flavour that comes with this wine. The fruity, smooth finish helps to complement, what is often a rough cut of meat. 

Beef With Spices

Spiced beef can be from any cut of meat and can hold a variety of spices, making this more complexed for wine pairings. Beef with a level of spiciness cannot necessarily be paired well with normal 'beef wines' as the spice and wine combination can be too overpowering. 
Cabernet Sauvignon is recommended for beef with spices because of the more subtle flavours. The medium tannins and acidity help let the spices influence your pallet, without overpowering. 

Beef Bourguignon

Beef Bourguignon is beef braised in red wine, pearl onions and button mushrooms, flavored with strips of pork fat called lardons. This dish originated from the Burgundy region in France, where this was used to slow cook tough cuts of meat, to minimise food wastage.
Literally translating to 'Burgundian Beef' the natural pairing would be red Burgundy wines. The Burgundy wine pairing gives you a true sense of the Burgundy tastes! A Pinot Noir based Burgundy is the best pairing to match the spices and flavours in this dish.  Both of these grape varieties hold flavour and body which complements this style of beef.

Beef Wellington

Beef wellington is a fillet steak coated with pâté which is wrapped in puff pastry. This dish originated in Wellington. The dish holds flavours of different meat, but without too much intensity on the pallet.
Burgundy red wines are also recommended for beef wellington because of the natural body and flavours in these wines. The lower levels of tannin helps the digestion of this meal. The perfect pairing allows the wine to hold its own flavours in the overall meal. Wines made from the Gamay grape (typically from Beaujolais) are also a very nice match with beef wellington, as the wines are not too full-bodied and hold nice slightly fruity flavours that pair well.


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