Pairing French wines with Dinner and Snacks

French wines are some of the most delicate and incredible wines that you will ever experience. To truly appreciate a fantastic wine, you need it to be accompanied by the correct foods. Whether you are looking to enjoy an elaborate dinner or an indulgent late night snack, there is a French wine to go with everything. Today, we will be taking a look at some delicious foods that go great with a variety of quality wines.

Sancerre And Flounder

If you are a seafood connoisseur and enjoy a plate of fish as your main course, then
Sancerre is a great choice of French wine for you. This is especially true if the fish is one that is generally cooked in butter. The Sancerre is a pure Sauvignon Blanc. It has a mineral freshness to it that people love, and is known for its juicy grapefruit flavour that beautifully compliments the butter the fish is cooked in. 

Red Burgundy And Duck

Red Burgundy is a type of Pinot Noir. It combines dark berries and a certain earthiness that really makes the flavour pop. As it ages, it picks up some undertones of mushroom and leather. Pairing this fine wine with duck is a fantastic (and popular) option. A carefully roasted duck breast compliments this wine incredibly, bringing out all of the intense flavours for your enjoyment.

Bordeaux And Steak

As we’re sure you know, there is a wide variety of ways that steak can pair amazingly with red wines. However, Bordeaux may just be the best. A fine Bordeaux and a juicy steak will never fail to make your taste buds explode in amazement. Ideally, you will want to use crunchy flake salt to add a little bit of texture to the meal. You should always purchase the best cut of meat that you can find, especially if you are entertaining guests. This will help you appreciate the pairing between the richness of the steak and the foil of the wine.

Olive Tapenade And Rose

Pit your olives and then put them in a blender with some garlic, capers and lemon juice. This will give you the perfect, fresh tapenade that will go amazingly well with a crisp rose. Serve your tapenade with either chunks of baguette or some crackers to really appreciate the flavour. Your bottle of pink is the perfect accompaniment for this snack as it is a light kind of wine, but delivers all the flavour you need to match the strong taste of tapenade.

Goats Cheese And Loire

Loire is another type of Sauvignon Blanc and has a particularly acidic taste. This goes fantastically well with the strong, earthy flavour of goats cheese. It’s simply a match made in heaven and it’s a common pairing that you will find all over France at all times of year.

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