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Happy International Grenache Day!

by PHW 20 Sep 2018 0 Comments
Happy International Grenache Day on the 21st September! We thought we would celebrate the day by helping you learn about the Grenache Noir grape variety. This tradition is not just for France, but for all wine lovers of Grenache, wherever it is grown. Grenache is the most widely planted grape in the Rhone Valley and around the world, with 80% of the Roussillon vines being Grenache Noir. This grape needs to be planted in hotter climates with dry conditions.

History & Origin

The Grenache Noir grape was thought to arrive in Spain in the Middle Ages by the Kingdom of Aragon. Over time this grape variety became popular in France in regions such as Rhone and Southern France. Now, this grape is grown all over the world.



 Grenache Noir is thought of being one of the most versatile grape varieties, allowing the wines to pair with a large variety of meals, although spiced or herby food pair perfectly. This grape carries fresh acidity and the many levels of depth and texture in the wines it produces. Grenache Noir carries aromas of black cherry and liquorice with flavours such as cherry and currants. The Grenache wines normally hold medium acidity and medium tannins.


Wine Making

Grenache Noir is often blended with Syrah in French wines, particularly in the Rhone Valley. Syrah has traditionally been grown in the north of Rhone, with the Grenache grape grown in the south. Through Rhone wines blending the two, the perfect match and compromise is thought to be reached for the entire region. 

The Grenache vines are hard to perfect and often require a lot of work, which can be balanced perfectly with the addition of the Syrah grape, by balancing the acidity and flavours of the wine.

In Chateauneuf-du-Pape the grape blend is typically 80% Grenache, making this this area the top producers of this grape. 


A Selection Of Our Grenache Noir Wines

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