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Pierre Cros: What's The Story?

by PHW 04 Apr 2018 0 Comments
Pierre Cros, an ex-rugby player, located in the Minervois appellation, Languedoc, is known in the community for his winemaking skills. Although Pierre Cros is not a traditional winemaker, as Cros did not learn Oenology from school, he picked up the skills from observing his family, who owned a few vineyards. Extending over 50 hectares, Domaine Cros is known as the King of Concentration – so, unsurprisingly, his wines are full-bodied and entirely superb!
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    Les Aspres regularly wins the coveted three-star award from Guide Hachette, and Pierre also produces a stunning red wine, aptly named 'Tradition'. The main grapes used in this section of his winery is Syrah, Carignan, and Grenache. Being the largest section in his winery, the production is full bodied red wines. 
Some of his vines were planted as far back as 1905, and the results are no less than historic - look out in particular, for his 'Vieilles Vignes' (old vines), made from the Carignan grape, also grown in the 'Les Aspres' section of his winery.

Domaine Pierre Cros Map Showing Vineyards In Languedoc

The 'Les Rocs' segment is the most famous for his Nebbiolo and Pinot Noir wines, conserved in wine bottles different to the rest of his collection. Being a part of his 'la liberte' collection, which was created by Pierre Cros to show his skills and show a different side to winemaking- the liberal. Through changing this, Pierre Cros showed the different creativity and fun that can be had in winemaking.

Domaine Pierre Cros Map Showing Vineyards In Languedoc
'Les Costes' is another great example of Cros' versatile and creative skills, through producing the Les Costes white wine, which is a popular Languedoc white. Full bodied and filled with floral notes, this white shows the versatile skills of Pierre Cros.
The latest wine to be added to his collection is the 'Entre La Vigne Et La Mer' (between the vine and the sea), inspired by local rapper named TOAN. Holding earthy notes and made from the Syrah and Mourvedre grapes.
Monsieur Cros is a experimental wine genius continually pushing the boundaries with a wine making savoir faire. His wines certainly live to the Languedoc motto 'where creativity meets diversity'.
For more information on Pierre Cros, Click Here
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