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Chef and Sommelier Open Up Professional Wine Tasting Glasses


per pack

Available in Quantities of 6 and 12 Glasses - Please click in the box above the price for discount information.

The professional wine tasting glasses are perfect for professional tastings and wine appreciation. The glasses unique shape will give your younger wines the unrivalled oxygen they require. They are also very handy for wines consumed in smaller quantities.

Open Up wine tasting glasses are made from Kwarx. Kwarx is particularly resistant to damage such as scratches and breakages, as well as being dishwasher safe. This helps open up wine tasting glasses keep a good condition and maintain a constant sparkle. Kwarx is also very strong, making open up wine tasting glasses “almost” unbreakable wine tasting glasses. The pro tasting wine glasses are 180mm (7ins) in height and 87mm (3 3/8ths inch) in width.

As with all of the Chef and Sommelier Open Up wine glasses, the pro wine tasting glasses have the beautiful look and feel that is characteristic to the range.

Product ID: U1008 - Tasting - Retail | Volume: 32cl