Our Newest Wine Producers: 2018

Domaine Sainte Cécile du Parc
The time of year has arrived again, where we are preparing our latest annual wine list. We have 3 new wine producers, which are all talented and unique in their own winemaking. After winning the IWC Highly Commended Award for our Languedoc-Roussillon area, we wanted to expand this with more high quality and creative wines, which highlight each unique aspect of this wine region.

Domaine Pierre Gaillard




Collines RhodaniennesCondrieu, Crozes Hermitage & St Joseph

Known as the 'Pierre Gaillard vineyards', these are located in the northern part of the Rhone Valley, ranging from Cote-Rotie down through to Cornas in the South. This vineyard is made up of 25 hectares, situated on the steep slopes. The grape for the red wines is Syrah, and for the white wines, Viognier and Roussanne.

  From Autumn 2018, we will offer 3 red wines, all made from Syrah which are Crozes Hermitage, La Dernière Vigne and St Joseph La Relève. We will also have their Viognier white wine, which is called Condrieu L’Octroi.


Collioure, Banyuls 

Theis Madeloc Vineyard is made up of 29 hectares. The vineyards are overlooking the sea, with the main grapes being Grenache Noir, Gris and Blanc and Mourvèdre, Syrah and Carignan.

From Autumn 2018, we will be offering a red wine, from Collioure, made with Grenache dominance called Magenca and 2 dessert wines from Banyuls made also with a Grenache dominance, called Cirera and Robert Pagès Rouge.


Domaine Sainte Cécile du Parc





Bought in 2005 by Stéphane and Christine Mouton, this vineyard had the ultimate aims of producing the best possible quality in winemaking, which resulted in 4 different vines (6 hectares) being replanted. Now using a drip irrigation system, this vineyard has been classified as organic since 2013.
Domaine Sainte Cecile du Parc hand harvest the grapes when they are at their peak ripeness, with close observations to maximise the flavours and tannins. Each of their wines are tested in laboratories with regular testing to ensure this. They also use hard cane pruning to help be as respectful to the land as possible, and to improve air movement through the vineyard.
Stephane and Christine pride themselves in their unique and diverse soils, which hold great draining qualities, allowing the vines to thrive in the heat.
From Autumn 2018, we will be offering 2 red wines, their Notes Franches, which is made up from Cabernet-Franc and their Sonatina, which is made from Syrah and Grenache. We will also have their Notes Pures white wine, made from Sauvignon Blanc and Sauvignon Gris.

Villa Dondona





On the magnificent hillside terraces above Montpeyroux, Villa Dondona is an organic vineyard owned by a British artist and a French doctor transformed into winemakers. Although growing on this hillside may be viewed as a challenge, Domaine Villa Dondona embrace the challenge and enjoy the variety and character this brings to their wine making. The main grape varieties grown here are Grenache, Mourvèdre and Syrah.
This 21 acre vineyard is known for winning Decanter Awards in 2016, and known for its organic wine growing methods. The warm climate helps to add the strong aromas and character into their wines, helping them to perfect the acidity of each of their wines.
Jo and André dug out a wine cellar from the rocks and hold their wine tastings at a 14th Century chapel, located on the hillside.
From Autumn 2018, we will be offering their Dondona red wine made from Grenache, Mourvèdre and Syrah, and their Espérel white wine with a Vermentino and Grenache dominance.

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  • Posted on by michael white

    The resume of new producers to be added to the Hourlier collection is both informative and much appreciated.They add an interesting new dimension, and their arrival will be keenly anticipated at forthcoming wine tastings.

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